And Get FIRST Shot at the TOP Talent

“We found that college was way too late—we needed to catch them earlier to have the right skills…and have the first shot to get them—like scouting and pre-signing a great pitcher… in little league (college is just too late).”

Kishen SridharanRaymond James


As a high-tech employer trying to stay on top and hire the BEST talent, you’re faced with a mountain of problems

Robot Programmers

Recent grads know how to “robo” code, but seldom know how to create profitable products

No Passion

You can test for coding, but it’s hard to find PASSION that creates products that sell

Third Stringers

You get stuck with the third stringers–the “proven” achievers are snagged in advance

College Clones

Students come indoctrinated with bad practices or have the creativity beat out of them

Massive Expense

Your cost for screening, interviewing, travel and hiring mistakes—is disturbing


You could find the next generation of talent through

Coding Programs

But they only teach coding–not the business case, or the dollar value.

Magnet School Programs

But they teach theory and not practical application. Students lack an understanding of the customer and market needs.

Most schools focus on a fragment of the skills needed to create commercially viable products. Students need to learn how to create market-based products, and be agile and fail FAST to compete.

So, how do you find the highest achievers for your teams, the ones with proven initiative, extreme passion that can create profitable products, with the fewest bad habits… before competitors lock them up?

All while reducing the expense and risk of a bad hire?

Perhaps you should consider…

Bridging the Skills Gap

There are five MAIN reasons to consider Next Generation Tech


Don’t wait and hope, decide what you want, and influence the right skills (no victims here) at the “stem cell” stage where molding is easy. The key…get them early (young)—not old and set. Typical skills student’s learn:

Product Development

Students learn real-world techniques, not just theory. Plus, they learn to develop their own ideas and test proven methods taught by industry experts.

Project Management

They understand the discipline of time management by using prioritization and scoping techniques allowing them to tightly manage the milestones of the project deliverables. Plus, they incorporate customer feedback, maneuver product failures and technology limitations.


Students focus on the customer value proposition, the competition, and solving a gap and problem, ensuring the product meets the customer needs.


The team learns to increase their emotional intelligence by adapting to the market and different people’s styles. They learn to set aside differences and drive to a common goal while leveraging each other’s strengths.

Digital literacy

Students learn how to use technology to “MacGyver” real problems—not just to play with the tech. This early innovative thinking develops the Bills Gates and Steve Jobs—versus the thousands of coding drones.


Students often pick up bad habits in school, along with bad coding approaches, often diving into code without knowing the problem (and whether it is profitable to solve)—they become coding robots, versus problem solvers. NGT solves the following:


Students learn to create “market-driven” development habits, so you create profitable first-release

Firsthand Experience

Students become more effective starting day one with the required skills to be effective immediately. They have real-world application, not just theory!

Thought leaders

They understand there are many different ways to solve a problem and are willing to try new things to determine potential

Adaptable to change

They know how to effectively fail (fail fast) and use it to improve the quality and value to the customer


You can tell early who “gets it,” the leaders, the innovators—not the drones (you can outsource that). You can determine who is:

More Passionate & Engaged

The winners show confidence in their abilities and skills, they go all in and they are easy to recognize—with a “can do” attitude!

More industrious

Your winners also go beyond the minimal—they stay after school, show up early—outperform the rest of the team by shear will and effort.

Higher Emotional Intelligence

They zig and zag to adjust to any discoveries, don’t get discouraged—but adapt to changes in customer requirements, changes in tech…inventing a way to meet the objective.

More competitive

They work as a team—but are driven to win, producing results faster, with more detail and energy.

More proven

Through the rigor of NGT, they have learned what it takes to produce not just a product but one of quality and marketability. These are the students that rise to the top and win the awards. No guessing needed.


Like in sports, it is important to find the winners early, and get them under agreement early–before they get sucked away by your competitors. You can give THEM the internships and have the first choice advantage.


Takes you less time to find the Top Guns

Through the NGT program it is easy to find and select your team—it’s an early pool of talent to choose from.

Less Cost to Train

Because they have the skills you need, they will not take as much time to train and ramp up to be productive within your organization.

Reduced Recruiting Costs

It costs an estimated 40% of salaries to find the right candidate. With NGT, there is less need to go to job fairs or elsewhere, allowing you to reduce your recruiting costs.


This program nails teaching these kids the skills that are deficient in young adults entering into the workforce… and potentially become a future employee.

Kishen SridharanSponsor & Mentor

Best program out there on both a technology and business level,.. should be mainstream for preparing our youth to be career-ready with a solid digital took kit.

Alex PaunicCEO, PreCog Security Inc.

The thoroughness of the NGT360 program… goes way beyond Technology. It is so enjoyable to be working with fellow industry experts and developing a community of local talent.

Jennifer HurstCOO of Adonis Partners

I have been a part of this program from the beginning. The NGT360 program is a must to develop our Next Generation.

Brittany PhillipsMarketing Strategist - Tech Data


Be a Mentor, or Speaker. Most are from diverse disciplines among varying vertical markets including Project Manager, Business Analysis, Design, Developer, Architect, Product Manager, QA, etc.


Work hands-on with students at the workshops and virtually, through the use of a secured online application. Time commitment is 2 hours a month during the 7-month program (14-20 hours total).


Share your expertise and story to both teach and motivate the students.



Donate by sponsoring a workshop, awards, tools, materials and/or grant.

  • Ability to influence and develop future talent
  • Fulfill Corporate social responsibility commitments including diversity and inclusion
  • Pipeline of skilled talent
  • Insight to the needs for future products and services allowing your business to be competitive in the new economy


Don't have time

It’s like not having the time to find the best athletes at the early stages—but having to make a LOT more time to interview a LOT more (with greater risk) later.

Teenagers are too difficult to handle

Several have felt the same, until they realize that teens are MUCH more moldable—and excited. It’s like you’re molding “stem cells” instead of hardened plastic.

Teenagers need more training before we work with them

Yep… but that’s what we do at NGT—you don’t start from scratch. But it is easier to identify the brightest, most passionate and engaged of the bunch as part of the NGT program.

We don't have any talent in this community

Silicon Valley talent isn’t there to start—it’s imported. You have a chance to snag them before they leave.

We donate to other programs

It’s all about ROI. With talent, you either invest now—or much more later (relocation, bad selection, incorrect skills (need more training). You can better mold your own using this approach—it cuts expenses, not increases it.