And Prepare Them For This New World


As an educator, you’re faced with the following problems

Students disengaged and hard to motivate

Attention is often on their phone—it’s hard to connect

Lack of real-world experience

Teachers don’t have all the real-world experience in every area–so it is hard to model.

Government demands

Teachers often have to teach-to-the test and are not able to teach the latest tech—if it doesn’t meet curriculum demands.

Struggling to stay up with technology trends

Seems like we learn something new and it is out of date. How do you keep up?

Perhaps you should consider…

Bridging the skills gap between business and education
Not just solving part of the problem, but viewing the ENTIRE 360-degree scope. Developing future creators and leaders with tool kits to thrive in the new economy.


  • Best student tech program of Tampa Bay 2016 by Tampa Bay Technology Forum​
  • 2019 Tampa Bay Inno on Fire Winner in Education by American Inno
  • World-Class Mentors – Some of the world’s top talent have stepped up and are willing to mentor and coach—for FREE!

Former VP Marketing $130 billion GE

Sr. VP at $48 billion Motorola

VP $4 billion Harcourt
(Sea World, Neiman Marcus, General Cinemas, Harcourt Education)

VP $7 billion International Thompson

One wrote the marketing plan for Netscape, formed Red Storm with Tom Clancy, competed with Disney, launched AOL with Steve Case, built a start-up from 13 to 4,000 people in 4 years.

Track Record
In Seven Years…

Students Impacted
in Scholarships
Technology Innovation Certificates

Multiple Externships & Hires​

There are seven MAIN reasons to consider Next Generation Tech

1)Teaches real-world skills to prepare youth to be career ready.

This is not textbook learning, or theory, it is creating real-world, commercially viable product development skills that people want–at an early age, giving students a massive advantage with marketable experience unavailable anywhere else.

Valuable Skills Student’s Learn:

Product Development

Students learn real-world techniques not just theory. Plus, they learn to develop their own ideas and test proven methods taught by industry experts.

Project Management

They understand the discipline of time management by using prioritization and scoping techniques allowing them to tightly manage the milestones of the project deliverables. Plus, they incorporate customer feedback, maneuver product failures and technology limitations.


Students focus on the customer value proposition, the competition and solving a gap and problem–ensuring the product or service meets the customer needs.


The team learns to increase their emotional intelligence by adapting to the market and different people styles. They learn to set aside difference and drive to a common goal, while leveraging each other’s strengths.

Digital literacy

Students learn how to use technology to “MacGyver” real problems—not just to play with the tech. This early innovative thinking develops the Bills Gates and Steve Jobs of the world—versus the thousands of “coding drones.”

2)Proven award-winning program.

The program is out of infancy having won muvltiple industry awards. Industry has identified and FUNDED the NGT program to teach students the essential skills to be effective and successful in the real world.

They are investing in leaders and innovators that are already creating disruptive and impactful solutions which provides employers quality and competitive products with the ability to get to market quicker and be more profitable.

NGT teaches students the following:

Becoming Market-Driven

Students learn to create “market driven” development habits, so they create profitable first-release products.

Firsthand Experience

Students become more effective starting day one with the required skills to be effective immediately. They have real world application not just theory!

Thought leaders

They understand there are many ways to solve a problem and are willing to try new things to determine potential.

Adaptable to change

They know how to effectively fail (fail fast) and use it to bounce back and improve the quality and value to the customer.

3)Connections with local industries

Industries have a vested interest in developing the next generation employee. Like with professional sports, they scout and develop early—it just makes good business sense. As a result, many will mentor to develop local talent… so your students have the advantage.

Here’s how they can help:

Current skills & relevance

The mentors share their expertise with the students to help them best apply industry techniques to develop profitable, marketable products. While coaching, they are also building the students’ confidence–they go all in and foster a “can do” attitude!

Great work ethic

Mentors guide students to go beyond the minimal (that’s how they succeeded). So, students stay after school, show up early and outperform the rest of the team by shear will and effort.

Higher Emotional Intelligence

They zig and zag to adjust to any discoveries, they don’t get discouraged—but adapt to changes in customer requirements, changes in tech…inventing a way to meet the objective.

More competitive

Students learn how to work effectively as a team and how complimentary skills and common focus are key. As a result, they are driven to win, producing results faster, with more detail and energy.

More agile

Through the rigor of NGT, students learn what it takes to produce quality product that is marketable. They gain confidence in their ability to overcome obstacles and have established a network of resources.

4)Introduction to new Career paths.

We have mentors from various business verticals and a multitude of varying positions from marketing to project manager demonstrating how real-world teams work and the skills that are needed for each team player to provide value to developing good products.

5)Students work with mentors from start-ups to multi-billion corporations

From numerous different businesses verticals. This exposure helps kids experience a wide range of responsibilities (from project and product management, research, marketing, marcom, pricing, supply chain, finance, testing and full-scale development) within mobile, desktop, telco and emerging technologies.

6)This exposure allows kids to discover and develop early passions and preferences

So they know where they want to specialize. As a result, they have much more focus, drive and clarity than the average “floater,” so they excel and become much more successful. The result – they are the winners that get the jobs—and as the teacher, you sit back in awe citing the old shake and bake commercial, “And I helped!”

7)Opens doors to Externships and Internships

NGT students get unique opportunities and are in high demand.

“We participate in the program to recruit potential talent. Assuming all goes well, we have them do summer internships. Once they graduate, they come in as an experienced employee and it ends up being less expensive than our current methods of recruiting and onboarding. This is the new way to recruit and develop talent for 21st century!”

Meaningful Internships

Students are selected by companies to participate in internships giving them exposure to careers that best suit their talents and aptitude.

Meaningful Externships

Teachers get exposed to local industry and the different types of career paths available for their students to pursue. They develop relationships with local businesses to funnel a pipeline of talent.

Because they understand industry, they are able to guide our students in the path that best suits them. No more guessing.

Reduced Educational Costs

Students obtain critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills they would usually have to pay for (in college or independently)—making their overall education more affordable.


I use the curriculum to teach my class. It makes everything so much clearer and understandable.

Dr Jodi KirkTeacher at Richard O. Jacobson Technical HS at Seminole

This program teaches then real-world skills. It is like having a team of experts providing a personalized internship for our students. It helps me keep up to date on industry skills and career paths. I encourage all my students to participate.

Robert TenzcaLakewood HS CAT program teacher


Get your students involved and develop relationships with the local industry to foster career readiness skills. Invite your students to participate.



Is this accredited or approved through the state or district?

Not yet, but we have identified how NGT meets state and federal requirements and are working on getting it accredited

Do my teachers have to spend much time or need training?

There is the initial orientation (apx 2 hours – many get paid during training), and then 10 or so minutes every few weeks—so not much time at all

How well received is this by students, or teachers?

  • Students love the program
  • It allows them to take their own idea and see it to fruition
  • They are able to see the relevancy of everything they are being taught and embrace the challenges because they are seeing results
  • Teachers are seeing their students engaged, as well as, seeing higher motivation in their other studies as a result of NGT

How does this compare to my computer coding classes?

  • CS classes are excellent prep, since many of the teams will code. However, the NGT program shows them how to determine market needs, code the right product (that will actually make money), and a much more comprehensive business process
  • The students learn technology but with a purpose of increasing customer value

Will this take too much of my student’s time?

  • Some teams don’t spend much time, but others become passionate and spend every spare moment
  • Think of this as an extracurricular activity that the more they put into it the more they learn and get good at developing the necessary career skills

Does this happen during school hours?

Yes–this is an after-school program

Do I find the students to participate, or do you?

This is a joint effort. NGT is looking to impact as many students as possible to assist them in developing their digital tool kit

Who has to find the mentors?

NGT has an incredible business network and selects and trains the mentors on the best way to work with your students

Why do you need the school or district’s help or endorsement?

  • You are with these children every day and your support goes a long way in influencing their choices
  • You can help us open doors of opportunity for them