Quest to the Synapse Summit

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NGT360 decided to add some fun into our season, we decided to have a contest for a logo and slogan to pay tribute to this season 2020-21.

We ended up having two winners both seniors from Tech High of Seminole. Here are their stories:

Arath Penca

Brandon Hendricks

Arath Penca – best slogan. Arath chose this slogan, “The future is Now” because he always hears quotes like “building the future of tomorrow” or “improving the future”. Arath says the fact of the matter is that the future is already here!

Brandon Hendricks from Tech High of Seminole – best logo. Brandon says the reason he came up with this puzzle piece is through his journey of participating in NGT360 for four years he originally wanted to make a road/pathway but did a puzzle piece because he felt that would create the correct symbolism for the type of information/skills taught in the NGT360 program, its complex and not a straight line, and you can’t finish a puzzle with just one piece.

It has been a challenging season but we have stayed true to the purpose of the program; agility, grit, turning a negative into a learning opportunity, and focusing on developing a product with a focus on the customer needs.

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